Saturday, May 4, 2013

Long time Catch Up

 Hunter emailed me this picture at my work.  I love that he does that to keep me smiling
 My buddies.  These twins are my buddies from Daycare.  I used to watch them since they were 2 until a couple of years ago when we moved.  I am so glad that I keep in touch and that their mom Ashley and I are friends. 
 Hunter emailed me this picture of him. I love getting these random pictures at work. Makes my day.
 I love this picture! Although they may fight I still know they love each other!!
 I love my little family!
 Me and my buddy on Mother and Son night. At Hunters school
 Riding the bull at baby animal days.  He loved it :)
 Mother and Son night picture
 I  met David Spade.  He wasn't too friendly or excited to meet anyone. I was disappointed
 Hunter's basketball team won 1st place!! Way to take the championship!
Hunter riding the bull at baby animals days.  He was a little nervous but had fun.
These are a few of my favorite things.  I am going to try to keep updated on my blog.  I have a lot of exciting and great things coming up that I will try to keep updated and share with everyone. :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Aggie Family :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Syracuse Fire Days

 Bryton riding in the fire truck and loving it.
The boys with Sparky 
 Hunter riding in the fire truck and have a blast sitting in the front seat talking with the driver

 Bryton was scared of the Helicopter and wouldn't get it, he was afraid that it would take off so he sat by the helicoptor while Hunter was excited to get in and sit.
The Boys has a great time at Syracuse fire safety days.  Hunter was able to crawl through a smoke house. The boys had fun spraying out the fake fire and they loved riding in the firetruck.  It was worth the hour wait LOL.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hunter's broken arm

Hunter with his first broken arm.  It doesn't look like it but he is really excited to have a cast.  He got green because it's his favorite color.   Way to end the summer huh?!  He thinks he is really cool now that he has a cast.  

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Bryton was so excited to see these footprints outside.  He came running in and said that the Easter Bunny left his footprints outside.  It was so fun to see the excitement in his eyes and face to see that the Easter Bunny left his footprints.   Funny thing is that these prints were here when we moved in and he has seen them before. :) But I wasn't going to ruin Easter!


 Hunter was so excited to have his friends there to watch the derby with him.

Hunter won the derby!!!  He was so excited and happy to win.  He had so much working on his car with his dad. They has spent so much time and worked hard on his car.  It paid off!!


Hunter was so excited and happy to sit in his dream car and get his picture taken with the car. He even wanted to get the owners autograph.  The owner was super nice and let him get pictures taken.


Clay built this awesome treehouse!  These pictures doesnt do it justice but the boys love it.  We added windows and painted it and inside there is a bunk to sleep on and a tv hunter got at a garage sale(it works btw).  It has been super fun having this tree house. We slept in it a couple of times,(not so much fun sleeping on a hardwood floor) but it all about the time with my boys right?) Oh yeah I shouldn't forget the important part-- this tree house has electricity.  We have lights in it and plugsin and all.  It's been a hit. Clay did a great job!!!

 Hunter and I before the 5k. 
Hunter's school held a 5k so Hunter and I decided that we'd would try and do it. It was a blast to do this with him.  We had so much fun.  Clay and Bryton showed up and suprised us during our run and it sure made Hunter happy and gave him extra energy to keep going, and it sure meant alot to us both.
This is us after the 5k. Hunter is pooped!! :)

Demolition Derby

I  grew up going to demo derby's so it's only natural that I raise my kids that way right?!  We went to the ogden Demolition Derby, so much more fun than the one's in Logan. I think the boys had a blast too. They loved watching the cars crash.

Hunter got his first Mertit badge at scouts. He was super excited!! Clay and I are very proud parents.  It was fun to watch him get his badge!

 Hill Airforce Show

This is us soaking wet after we went to the Hill Airforce Show.  It was alright weather when we went and then we decided to leave before it started to rain and then as we were standing in line waiting for the bus to come we got soaked. I must say it was kinda fun.

 4 Wheeling

It was so much fun 4 wheeling.  This was at insparation point. The boys had so much fun.  Hunter got a little nervous but he had fun.  I must say I had a blast and I can't wait till we go again.


We were able to go to the zoo with Hunter's school on a Field Trip.  We has so much fun.  I just love my boys!!!  I think their favorite was the polar bear.

 Midway get away

Clay and I took a little get away to midway at the Zermott Hotel.  It was so much fun.. They provided breakfest, lunch and dinner everyday.  We got to go golfing, which I was alright but really not very good.  They took us for a ride on the Heber Valley Railroad. It was fun but hot and long.  It was a nice little get away and I am so greatful for my great friends who took care of my kids while we were gone.

 Extra Laundry
 I seem to have extra laundry this time!!! :)

Drive In Movie
We found a  new love!! The Drive in movie!!!  It has been so much fun and so much cheaper.  My kids love it.  We camp out in the back of Clay's truck in the nice weather and enjoy the movie.!!

Well that's what we have been up to so far. Hopefully I will do better at keeping up with my blog :)